The Basics of Casino Keno

Basically, the keno game resembles an ordinary lottery game wherein a customer bets on a set of numbers hoping for the numbers to be drawn. Hence, the keno game is a game that relies on pure luck that requires no skill or whatsoever, giving the house a considerable edge over the players. Still, because it is easy to play, keno has always been a popular choice among almost all casino players.

Keno was first established in the US state Nevada, primarily to target the lower-end division of the gambling market. However, as soon as the keno game have become widely known, popular casinos resorted to hosting keno games to cater for the growing demand. Soon after, entertainment lounges and vacant spaces were remodeled into comfortable keno lounges armed with soft chairs, coffee tables and even bar counters for free drinks.

The keno ticket contains eighty numbers arranged in eight rows of ten. The keno ticket also consists of boxes to be filled, such as the bet required. There is also an indicated expiry date or period at the lower or back part.

The keno game produces several betting combinations of which a player can select to a maximum of fifteen to twenty numbers, depending on house rules. Some casinos put up computer booths to randomly select numbers for players who do not want the trouble of filling up a keno ticket. For starters, a player can bet on a straight-ticket, which is a pure bet on all of the selected numbers. There is also a combination keno ticket, where a player bets on, say, six numbers and encircles two spots of three numbers each, indicating an individual bet on each spot. The keno game is popularly known for its rather small bets, because amounts such as a dollar or slightly less can suffice.

The keno counter or ticket booth is where a keno ticket can be purchased. As soon as the bet amount is received along with the keno ticket, the keno operator hands over a purchase receipt that contains the selected numbers and other vital information. This purchase receipt is what the casino requires when a claim in winnings is made. Tickets are only valid as stated on the expiry date. Winnings are of ample amounts, which are usually more than a thousand percent of the initial bet, although there is often a maximum jackpot. Most casinos provide keno tickets that are valid for the current game only.

Keno has become a fun activity not only in keno lounges, but in some areas of the casino as well. Casinos allow their customers to play keno even in eating, playing and lounging areas through the service of keno runners who literally run back and forth to exchange payments and keno tickets. Because of the nature of the game and how casinos present it, keno has truly become a favorite classic among casino players.